Quality Assurance Jobs

Finding a great career that offers growth, a chance to excel and move up in the ranks, and to make a decent living can be difficult. There are so many different careers and paths to take that finding your way can seem like a never-ending task. There are, however, some careers out there that are a cut above the rest and quality assurance is just that.

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Is Quality Assurance a Good Career?

It is helpful before you make any choices on a career to understand a bit about what the career entails. Quality assurance is just that, the individual is going to work to assure that every item going out the door or out of the company meets the preset standards and quality controls that are set out by the company.

These critical individuals are going to check items, check software, and check products to make sure that they live up to the name that the company has built for itself and that these items are going to be met well by consumers.

Quality assurance offers plenty of job mobility, this means you can start at an entry-level and work your way up to management or to higher responsibility and higher paying job in a matter of time. With hard work and dedication, you can get the pay and the recognition that you have always wanted.

Quality assurance is a field that is needed by every company, every enterprise, and every business to some capacity. Though the job titles might be different and the item that you are checking may differ, these are all part of this realm.  

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What Types of Jobs are Available Related to Quality Assurance?

There is a large range of different quality assurance jobs you can apply for. They might be an assurance manager, they might be a QA engineer, you could be a supplier engineer. You could work on a factory line to make sure that the items being produced are up to par, you may be an auditor that checks items and performance at random. The realm is truly vast.

For nearly every subset of a job or a business, there is a QA job that goes with it. You could test software, test products, or test food even to make sure that it is up to the standards that are set by the company you work for. 

What is the Average Quality Assurance Representative Salary?

The average salary for quality assurance jobs is around $16 USD per hour. Of course, this sum may go up or down depending on a few factors. The industry you work in does affect the overall pay scale as does your overall skill level and experience level. The company you work for and any bonuses they offer can also affect the salary.

Jobs in a factory are going to be higher paying than QA in a fast-food restaurant for example but that does not mean that any job is less important than the other. Quality assurance is a necessary job that spans nearly all industries.  

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What is the Job Outlook for Quality Assurance Representatives?

According to the national labor board the quality assurance industry is set to keep growing. This is a field that is needed for all businesses and that does have to be in place to help make sure that the products being put out to the public are up to standard. The fields in which this industry is growing fastest are biomedical and environmental sectors.

Quality assurance is a critical job that is always going to be necessary and that is always going to be fruitful.