We have a long history of facilitating the careers of people, like yourself, who have moved to a company and position that has accelerated the realization of their dreams, vision and goals.

Leaving a company and the friends you have made to make new friends in a new company is sometimes a journey full of fear and trepidation, for people like yourself, and we understand the emotions you will go through as you make the decision to move on. Top Talent Search will provide the logic that is necessary to support the emotion of your decision so that you do not suffer from buyer’s remorse, i.e., no logic to support your emotional decision. We recognize that you will say “no” to a potential job opportunity if it does not meet your dreams, vision and goals. If we feel you are making the wrong decision to accept an offer that is not consistent with your dreams, vision and goals we will recommend you change your mind and say “no.” We do everything within those elements we have knowledge of to prevent you from making a decision which could result in a short-term position. Preventing the wrong decision, either to change or not, is an important part of why your vision, dreams and goals are so important to our helping you make the right decision in your interests.

We facilitate, but do not use pressure, to help you make the best decision, either yes or no, in your best interests.

In other words we do NOT sell you on accepting a position - you decide. Contact us today to see how we can help.