What would it be worth for you to have a proven system used to validate every hire with 95% reliability that person can be counted to perform to your expectations in your position? Would you believe that is possible, probably not? What you need to learn to believe it is possible?

The Process:

We will help you reduce the cost of hiring and turnover. We make each executives life better. We help the executive team achieve their goals We help you create a fun place to work.

How do we do this? 

1. There are two methods for determining which use the iMAP assessment to assure you hire a person who is “wired for success” in your position.

A. We take the important job skills from your job description and create an Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) based on the iMAP. A candidate for the position completes the assessment. We compare the candidates iMAP to the ICP. Then we determine what fits and what does not. There is more detail to this than I can write about here.

B. We will do this by benchmarking our client's most successful employee's proven patterns of success based on the iMAP assessment. This benchmarks will then be compared to a candidates iMAP and to determine if the person can succeed in the position they are applying for.

2. We use our iMAP tools and processes to build a model of the skills and preferences of our client's most successful employees. Additionally, our model determines workplace values held by these same "most successful employees." Armed with these models, we use the same tools and processes to find and present pre-qualified employees that mirror the skills, preferences, and workplace values of our clients most successful employees.

3. Both methods of using the iMAP determine the fit for the position and the statistical validation of the IMAP is an important criteria for the hiring decision, or rejection.


Your profile will morph, 5% maybe 10%, over time due to environmental influences based on the work you are doing, or due to behavior (a conscious choice to override a wiring component). Some of the wiring components are "hard" and some are "soft." If a wiring component is "hard" overriding with behavior will be very short term. All of Motivated Role is hard wired and can only be managed by conscious behavior for short bursts of time. . Any line that approaches 100 should be considered hard wired, i.e., very difficult to control with behavior.

We have systems and procedures, such as, an Ideal Candidate Profile, to help you place the right person in the right role for your client companies. The iMAP is scientifically proven and meets all EEOC guidelines. The diagram of the TPG Triangle, gives you a pictorial of the assessment. We believe it is the only 3-dimensions assessment, actually 4 dimensions counting Values, in the market place. We also believe Motivated Role is the most important and have placed it as the foundation of the triangle. If a person is in a role for which they have zero Motivated Role, or very low scoring on the assessment, they will not perform to expectations or will fail at their job no matter how well they are matched skill-wise. One dimensional tools like Myers-Briggs and DISC have a less than 30% ability to match a person to a job, which we argue is worthless. We believe, based on the validation numbers, that iMAP is at least 80%. The TPG Triangle displays the other 20% comprised of value, beliefs and behavior. We believe the human mind is at least 3 dimensional. We have used the assessment for executive searches and the correlation between the assessment and behavioral reference checks with third parties whom the recruit has worked for or with is amazingly highly - anecdotal, but important validation based on the long term job stability.

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