Top Talent Search has specialized in finding executive, manager, and high level individual talent for Medical Device and Industrial electronics, electromechanical and selected mechanical product companies. We worked in high technology industries as engineers and have a solid understanding of the technical requirements required to staff the industries and fill the high level career opportunities we specialize in. Many client company executives have told us over a long time that they enjoy working with us because we quickly come up to speed on the technical issues plus learning the company culture.

Unlike larger search firms, Top Talent Search requires a modest engagement fee (25% of the expected total fee due) to engage us for your assignment. The 75% of the fee remaining on the table is the incentive to complete your Executive talent acquisition project in a timely way. Unlike many larger search firms, we don’t get paid the entire fee unless we complete the assignment.

Fee Schedule Top Talent Search requires 25% of the expected total fee as a non-refundable engagement fee, to engage our services. This engagement fee is never lost by our client. If the search changes or is canceled, it exists as an indefinite credit on our next assignment with that client. As with most search assignments, most of our time and labor is front end loaded. The engagement fee pays for our initial time spent on your talent acquisition project. The total fee is 25%, based on the total compensation (salary + variable compensation) that a satisfactory performing professional can hope to earn in their first year of employment. For engagement fee purposes, the base salary will be calculated at the mid point of the salary range for that salary range. The total fee due will reflect actual salary, actual variable compensation at plan.

Guarantee Top Talent search standard guarantee for contingent search assignments is 90 days or 3 months of employment. For engaged executive searches Top Talent Search offers an extended guarantee for 135 days or 4.5 months of employment. This guarantee offers a free replacement candidate or a sliding scale cash credit on a future assignment. This guarantee is offered if the Top Talent Search placed candidate is terminated for cause or leaves of their own volition during the guarantee period. Top Talent Search must be paid according to the terms of the specific fee agreement mutually agreed to prior to engaging in the search assignment. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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