The Gallup Organization published the book First Break All The Rules in 1999 which was the finding’s from a 25 year research project about what made top managers more effective than others. One of the findings was that top managers focus on strengths and they placed people in jobs that required their strengths. Jim Collins book, Good To Great, said the most effective manages put the “right” person in the “right” seat on the company bus. Both of those books told you what to do but not why to put the right person in the right role. We can tell you why because it takes the mystery out of who to hire. You may not believe that is possible. I will gladly take your call to give you more detail.

The right talent for your company

We know there are two types of companies that need our help: 1) those that are growth driven and know they need top talent to fuel that growth; and 2) lifestyle companies whose owner(s) wants a stable business that produces modest growth and is profitable also needing special talent to maintain stability. We have learned from our direct involvement in the explosive growth of Cobe Laboratories how important the quality of talent is to building and expanding a growth company. We have helped lifestyle companies achieve a stable business model staffed with the right talent. As a result, we will never ask you to compromise your hiring standards because we believe in the importance of those standards to provide the top performers to fuel your growth or a solid employee for the lifestyle company.

We have a long track record of finding the right talent for both kinds of companies like yours to help them grow (see the P.S.below). But, you do not know me, so why should you believe me? You do not need to take my word for it. All you need is the curiosity to find out for yourself if I can. I have several references who will validate our claims.

We use “performance-based analysis” to get you the talent that can rapidly ramp-up to full speed in accomplishing the goals you set for them. You tell us what the key projects are that you want to be completed by the new hire in the first year. Our recruit then tells us what they have done that is direct or closely related to your projects, and then they move quickly to produce the solutions you want. The process works because people will continue to perform the way they always have.

We have other proven elements in our process that provide you with confirming confidence you have hired the right person. This proven methodology minimizes your risk. For instance using the iMAP Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) for your position. Comparing the candidates iMAP chart to the ICP to confirm or deny the fit. Our experience has been that detailed and rigorous recruiting processes will reduce the hiring odds to one hire for every three resumes submitted. About two thirds of our search process is devoted to assuring a cultural fit: we have several steps in that process which begin with a number of questions that we ask executives, like yourself, about the position, the company culture, the department, the city and location, etc. The rigorous reference process that we developed from our Cobe experience allows us to put only top performing candidates in front of you. For more details on how Top Talent Search can help you solve your recruiting issues, please contact us, or learn more about our process below.

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We do everything possible to understand your company and the type of employees you need to grow your business the right way. Based on that understanding, we’ll develop a detailed search plan and screening questions prepared with your input and assistance.

We actively prepare your chosen candidate for the resignation process, such as the counter offer, which starts on the front end of the candidate interaction.

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