Top Talent Search places managers, engineers and technicians on a contract-to-hire, or on a contract-only basis. We have the database to draw from based on accumulating resumes over many years. From time-to-time we have heard engineering executives and managers say they try to stay away from contracts because the IP between a contractors ears goes out the door with him at the end of a contract. Our easily searchable ATM system gives us the ability to track and stay in touch with our contractors. Therefore companies get in touch with previous contractor to easily retrieve the between-the-ears IP technical information. We focus on satisfying your, the customer, needs and we keep track of all of contractors employed on at least 3 years since ending their contract with you.

Aerotek is the 500 lb gorilla in the contracting sector. Many of our customers over the years tell us Aerotek employs mostly non-technical recruiters and customer service personnel who do not have the knowledge to screen technical talent with precision for available job opportunities. We do not throw mud on the wall hoping hoping some sticks and we get lucky to fill a contract opening. Our overhead is a lot smaller than Aerotek meaning we usually bill you at a lower rate. We are not trying to be the lowest bidder, but the circumstances work to our advantage.

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