We are devoted to providing the same quality of talent on a contract basis as we do in our Retained and Contingent hiring projects. 

We have created some STANDARDS that have helped us to know when we are a good fit to help a client company and when we are not. We always invite our prospective new clients, like yourself, to tell us “no,” since you also have standards and do not want to deal with services that do not meet those standards you value. We also hope it will be okay with you if we tell you “no” if we do not feel we can help you.

Why should you consider using us to find “top performers” for your company?

We have no idea how to answer this question since we do not know what you WANT and NEED. Our experience with company’s, like yours, has been that we need to talk about what you need, how we might help you address your needs, and then decide if we are a fit to do business together. We do not accept everyone we speak with as a client. We employ several different search methods and processes to solve a client company’s talent acquisition problem. We tailor the search method and process to meet your needs by understanding the criticality and urgency of your need through a mutual understanding of what is best for you.

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We believe it is our unique experience from a long term partnership with a medical device firm that sets us apart from others in this industry. The experience helping a biomedical device company (Cobe Laboratories) find top-performing talent during an explosive growth period is what is unique to our track record for finding, qualifying and validating top-performing talent. The VP of R&D at Cobe had come from HP and brought the hiring philosophy that built HP:

1. Be clear about the skills you need.
2. To find the absolute best talent and NEVER fill the position until we do.
3. Whenever possible, crossbreed talent from other industries with new ideas into your organization.
4. Never hire a “prima donna”  because it only takes one problem employee to ruin morale.
5, Never settle for a mediocre hire again because it only takes one to make you mediocre.

The VP’s experience at HP also required that he and his Directors take direct responsibility for hiring the talent required to fuel their growth.

Over a 16 year period until the founders sold the business they grew from $22 MILLION TO $400 MILLION.

We (myself and my research staff) found 66 people for them during that 16 year period. Two of our placed people were promoted from Sr Engineer to Director, 7 were promoted to Manager and 16 were promoted to Supervisor or Program/Project Manager roles. Several others have moved on to VP roles in other companies and at least one successfully built his own company.

We have learned first hand the value and the systems required to hire only TOP PERFORMING TALENT for organizations like yours and how that talent will fuel your growth.


A VP of Product Development for a major medical device firm told us recently, that the executive team in his division has concluded that their growth is being stunted by the inability to infuse top talent into the organization. There is good reason to believe that the growth of many organizations is being stunted by the inability to attract the talent required to FUEL LONG TERM GROWTH.

So what does that mean for YOU? Let’s talk and find out.

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