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We have been placing people for over 44 years.
Learn our proven methods & success stories below.

Proven Experience

”The talent CMA has provided for us has met or exceeded our expectations. We continue to count on their many years of supplying top performing talent to help us build our company.”

Chris, VP of Engineering

Decades of experience and long-term partnerships with high-growth companies gives us our unique track record for finding, qualifying and validating top performing talent. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on your needs and objectives, not ours. Our process is comprehensive, detailed and rigorous providing, and most likely, a more complete picture than you have been exposed to through other search or recruiting firms.

Identification and Sourcing

We do everything possible to understand your company and the type of employees you need to grow your business the right way. Based on that understanding, we’ll develop a detailed search plan and screening questions in your interest.


When you educate us passionate about your business! In addition to prepping you and potential candidates, we will take advantage of every possible opportunity to promote your company to prospective employees. We expect help from you to create reasons a candidate should work for or with you.


Our process is multi-faceted and designed to reveal the performance based information about how a person completes projects, identical or similar to yours, successfully in a business setting.


Our approach to work with every candidate is to give them feeling we are working in their best interest at all times. Avoiding barriers to communications is critical, e.g., we never pressure an individual to do anything. We ask every candidate if they expect a counteroffer from their current company. We work with our recruited talent to company to prepare a resignation letter.


Our “Competency Network”

It is a group of Executives and Business Leaders that we have gotten to know over many years that know who the “top performers” are in their industry. Those Executives and Business Leaders tell us whom the talent is that we should pursue for our search assignments. It is a very valuable form of pre-screening.

We also use many other sources:

• Our database developed over many years: individuals who are direct fits, others who are in the right positions/industries whom give us friend/colleagues to contact
• Social Media, Zoom info and other databases
• An AI powered software souring tool that accesses many databases and shows us 50 resumes/profiles within 20 minutes of completing the search data form.
• Other tools for sourcing

Candidate Selection and Qualification

• Validate qualifications for position
• Obtain performance based details
• Provide 2 references per candidate
• Submit package to client
• Use iMAP Ideal Candidate Profile and provide written report on candidate fit
• Global Network Recruiting Resources
• See the link to Top Echelon 

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